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Kooth on Panorama

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Kooth Featured on BBC Panorama

Kooth, the UK’s leading digital mental health provider, featured on BBC’s Panorama programme last night discussing the consequences of COVID-19 on the mental health of young people (CYPs). 

The 30-minute episode, entitled ‘Has COVID stolen my future’, investigated the long-term effects of the pandemic on children and young people. Kooth shared exclusive data and revealed the devastating impact COVID has wreaked on Kooth’s service users. Kooth’s recent data showed the psychological toll the Covid-19 pandemic has taken on CYPs. It is particularly concerning to note that in the past year, the number of young people presenting with issues around suicidal thoughts has increased by 21%; sleep difficulties have spiked by 77% and those experiencing school and college issues have increased by 100%.

The Panorama team also spent time with Kooth’s Adele Westhead, a Senior Practitioner, at Kooth’s Manchester office. Adele was filmed during a shift and shared some of her insights into the challenges facing CYPs during the pandemic.

Adele Westhead, Senior Practitioner, Kooth added: “It was an honour to appear on Panorama and to discuss how COVID has impacted our Kooth community. This pandemic has caused so much worry and uncertainty and it is having a significant impact on the mental health of our teenagers.  

It’s so important that young people who are struggling with their emotional health and wellbeing are given an outlet where they can receive safe and confidential help.”  

Kooth, a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy  accredited service, provides a safe and non-judgemental place for young people to talk, connect and chat with others and know they are not alone. They have instant access to self-help materials, live moderated discussion forums and tools such as online journals and goal trackers. Young people can also contribute written pieces of work reflecting their own experiences, as well as accessing drop-in or booked sessions with professional counsellors from 12pm-10pm weekdays and 6pm-10pm weekends.


About Kooth


We are the UK’s leading online mental health platform. Our mission is to provide accessible and safe spaces for everyone to achieve better mental health. Our online platform is clinically robust and accredited to provide a range of therapeutic support and interventions. All our services are predicated on easy access to make early intervention and prevention a reality.  

Our three services are:

  • Kooth: for children and young persons

  • Kooth Student: for university students

  • Kooth Work: for adults

Kooth is commissioned in 81% of the NHS’s clinical commissioning group areas across the country. It is a fully safeguarded and pre-moderated community with a library of peer and professional created content, alongside access to experienced online counsellors. There are no thresholds for support and no waiting lists. Currently, Kooth sees over 4,000 logins a day. 

Kooth Student is aimed at university students and is commissioned by three UK universities. 

Qwell operates across distinct locations and serves specific cohorts, including parents, teachers, victims of crime and those who have suffered from or continue to experience domestic violence. It is also offered as a benefit by a number of corporate organisations delivering anonymous digital mental health support services to employees.


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