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The Kooth Story

Kooth is the longest established digital mental health provider in the UK. Take a look at our timeline to see the key steps on how we became the market leader in Digital Mental health.

Elaine Bousfield, founder, establishes XenZone, to explore how to mental health services could be delivered online.
XenZone begins delivering an email counselling service and magazine focussed on young men’s mental health.
On the 4th March, 2004, XenZone launches in partnership with Stockport Local Authority and Stockport NHS Primary Care Trust to deliver online services to children and young people.
2006 expands to 8 local authorities and NHS trusts in the North West.
2011 reaches £1m annual turnover with 16 contracts across England.
Root Capital acquires Kooth. Company turnover reaches £1.8m.
2018 expands their platform to provide support to Adults and Students.
Sir Norman Lamb joins as Chair of the Advisory Board.
Kooth Work launches to bring wellbeing support to every company.
September 2020
XenZone becomes Kooth Plc - the first digital health services company to float on the London Stock Exchange

The Kooth Difference

Kooth makes a real difference

Kooth’s platforms make a real difference to our service users at every stage of their journey. We measure our impact across our wide range of different functions to constantly improve clinical outcomes. Our service users like Kooth’s platforms, use Kooth’s platforms and feel better as a result. 

Kooth’s unique anonymous data sets

Kooth has one of the world’s largest mental health anonymised data sets which we use to help improve product and outcomes for people who utilise our service. We have over 24m data points across 15 years of service delivery. We provide our clients with unique insights into the emerging trends in mental health and we use our data to continually improve our services and clinical models for all to benefit. 

Integrated, Intelligent Platform

Our technology is separated into three parts – the service for users, community/clinical engagement and insights and intelligence. We use co-production to build out our welcoming user friendly platforms. Our service users are provided with a range of different therapies and tools that they can use to set goals and receive support.

Our patient administration system has been designed and built with counsellors to ensure it meets the needs of therapeutic intervention and our insights and data technology is built in conjunction with our clients and research and evaluation team. 

Clinical and Delivery Model - A wide range of support in one platform

Kooth’s single, integrative approach to wellbeing makes us different from our competitors. We believe that since no single specific therapy model is appropriate for all individuals, one platform that offers a range of different treatment options is the best approach. Kooth’s range of tools, resources and activities offers the user a choice of therapies so that they can determine what works best for them. Our clinical model is NICE  guidelines compliant. NICE guidelines are used internationally to set the processes and treatments across many global health systems. 

The Kooth Team

Simply put our people are the best of the best. We attract people from a wide range of backgrounds, careers and communities. We have high standards of delivery but we deliver those standards with compassion and safety at our heart.

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Our vision

Everyone in the world should have access to well designed and accessible digital mental health support and treatment regardless of who they are

That support should be effective, affordable and compassionate and remove barriers to amazing care. We want Kooth to be that platform.

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