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Celebrating diversity

This year Pride took a very different turn. As we all dealt with the impact of COVID 19 Pride moved online.

At Kooth we set up a cross functional working group involving members of our LGBTQIA+ community to look at how we could support our service users and provide a safe space to celebrate Pride Online.

We launched our Inform, Support, Change & Celebrate campaign across our platforms, social media and in print. 

Influencer Campaign

We recruited 5 amazing LGBTQIA+ influencers to work with us to talk about what pride means to them and how they have managed their mental wellbeing.

Our clinical team produced videos on Mental Health, Neil Young who already provides D&I training to our practitioners joined our All Hands all to provide advice and support to our staff. Members of the Kooth team produced their own personal content on growing up as LGBTQIA+ and how that impacted their own mental health which was shared with businesses and more widely.

In addition the Kooth content team produced numerous articles to support the community and allies and ran online pride forums. 

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